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Don't Tell me the Truth

Reported by Melanie - August 24, 2004 -

Early in today's (August 23, 2004) Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Caroline Shively reported from Najaf. She said, "we've been watching a spectacular fireworks show." She said explosions were going off in Najaf and they'd been listening to AC130s "doing daisy loops." Cavuto asked her if there was any talk of possibly "taking out the shrine" if that was what it took, and Shively said she didn't know whether that would be done, but that it would be done by the Iraqis if at all.

COMMENT: "Fireworks show?" What a happy description for death and terror; another way to insulate the American public from the realities of war, I guess. And, whatever a "daisy loop" is, I'm sure the sunny name hides the horror of it too.