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Dobson Shapes a Generation

Reported by Deborah - August 24, 2004 -

James C. Dobson joined Hannity&Colmes to plug his new book, The Strong Willed Child." Dobson, is a father figure for the religious right and their foremost authority on childrearing, despite the fact that he is a strong advocate of corporal punishment.
Some of the comments he made on Hannity & Colmes were alarming but the results of a little research was downright frightening.
8/23/04 9:50PM ET

Dobson claimed that some children are born difficult even incorrigible and corporal punishment can begin as early as 18 months. "All of life lessons are learned from a little bit of pain," explained Dobson.He added later, "From age 2 to 10, when a child knows what you want but refuses to give it to you, corporal punishment is an effective tool".

Hannity at some point during the interview confessed that he was an incorrigible child and his father would take out his belt buckle sometimes. "I turned out alright."

While doing a little research on Dobson and his books, I was astounded by the large amounts of information concerning corporal punishment in the Evangelical Christian Community. It has become a kind of religious and political statement in this community and a belief that this is God's preferred method of childrearing and various articles cited the scriptures advocating "spanking". People offered stories about the unfair reactions of strangers when they were spanking in public.

The last thing I read was an explanation by James Dobson on the advantages of using a stick, switch or paddle rather than a hand when administering the spanking.
He claimed that the hand should be associated with love.

Comment: Many of the children I teach are emotionally disturbed and many are violent. Without exception, the children who lash out violently when angered have learned this behavior at home. Children learn by example and corporal punishment will always teach a child to solve problems and assert authority with violent behavior. It also teaches kids to be great liars to avoid getting spanked. People will do anything to avoid physical pain.

How can this prescribed violence be regulated. How hard and long is the spanking. Do you use a horse whip, belt buckle or baseball bat. Do you leave marks and draw blood? At what age does spanking stop? Does Dobson really believe that people are capable of making these distinctions.

The first Dobson generation is 20+ and entering society. This opens up some very frightening possibilities for all of us. The fact that Fox promotes this insanity is unforgivable.