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Why moveon is not like SBVT

Reported by Judy - August 23, 2004 -

Jon Scott interviewed lawyers for Democrats and Republicans today (August 23) on Fox News Live about the FEC petition the Kerry campaign is filing alleging illegal collaboration between George Bush and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The topic was the signal for Scott to try to compare moveon.org to SBVT, but the two are very different.

Scott asked Angelo Genova if there wasn't "the same overlap" between moveon.org and the Kerry campaign as Democrats say exists between SBVT and George Bush's campaign. Genova said there was not because Republicans have provided no evidence of such overlap and that any Kerry connections are with former Kerry officials. With SBVT the connections are with current officials, such as Karl Rove and the veteran who was both on a Bush campaign committee and appeared in a SBVT ad.

Although Genova gave an effective answer, there are many other ways in which moveon.org is not SBVT. moveon.org was an established group before this campaign, unlike SBVT which was formed only when it became apparent Kerry would be the nominee. moveon.org was formed independently of the Democratic Party. Its goal was to urge that Congress censure President Clinton over the Lewinsky matter, hardly something the Democratic Party would have supported. Many moveon.org members originally were not Kerry supporters at all, but supported Howard Dean in the primaries. moveon.org has millions of small donors, not one or two big ones.

And the really big difference -- moveon.org deals in facts, not lies.