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Partisan Take Over of 9/11 Recommendations

Reported by Eleanor - August 23, 2004 -

Mike Jerrick on Dayside (Aug. 23, 1:00 p.m.) with Brian Wilson and then Mike Baker discussed the Pat Roberts proposal to "dismantle" or do a major "overhaul" of the CIA. This overhaul would break intelligence operations into three agencies - intelligence, operations and technical.

The democrats were not consulted before Roberts went public with his proposal. Baker called this a radical idea...not a lot of sense. It relates to turf wars with the Pentagon giving up $40 billion of their money to the National Intelligence Director (NID) budget. The three new CIA agencies would have three assistant directors. The president was also "not consulted." (Hard to believe) Later in the news report, Bush at a press conference said that he hasn't seen it, adding, "A lot of people are looking at the best way to get intelligence. I don't want anything standing between me and line operations...those who directly report to me. I'll look at it."

Comment: This proposal has serious political implications that could lead to fights that totally overshadow other recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. This 9/11 recommendation asked for one person with budget and personnel control who reports directly to the president. Maybe that's the point - destroy the report recommendations. Otherwise, why was it done behind closed doors by partisans?