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Free Air Time

Reported by Eleanor - August 23, 2004 -

On Studio B with Shep Smith (Aug. 23, 3:00 p.m.), Major Garrett, Steve Centanni, and Carl Cameron covered the swift boat story for about 20 minutes.

Major Garrett recited Bob Dole's heroism in war, then repeated Dole's criticism of Kerry: Superficial wounds with three purple hearts that never bled, not talking about his Senate record, a confused war record, and that he should apologize to other vets who served. Garrett said that Kerry wants to talk about real issues, and Bush released an ad today about taxes.

Steve Centanni gave Bush another plug by saying that Bush wants all 527's banned, and he said that Kerry served admirably and ought to be proud of his service. (But it doesn't bother him if others lie about that service.)

Cameron, in an interview with Shep Smith, said that Kerry ran for Congress and lost in the '70's. He softened up (his anti-war stance?) and got elected. He's being criticized for lying about his record, but some people are saying, "I was there. I saw it and heard it." Shep talked about the documents being written by John Kerry himself. Cameron stated that some eyewitnesses say something different from what Kerry says. Shep referenced the Washington Post as being comprehensive. Also, the same people who were behind the McCain and Cleland ads are behind these. Cameron responded that they are republicans, but there's an argument if they're the same people. Bush is not talking about the content of the ads, but he wants campaign finance reform. Democrats who are running ads have close ties to the Kerry campaign. Cameron summarized with, "This boils down to 35 years ago, and who will make the best commander-in-chief. Never has a campaign been so busy and so nasty."

Comment: And never has Fox taken a story and covered it about one-third to one-half the time for so long. (Except maybe Monica). These ads, paid for in three states, are getting at least eight hours a day on Fox. I wonder how much that would cost the smear vets if they had to pay for it?