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Sonoma Murders a "Hate Crime?"

Reported by Melanie - August 22, 2004 -

During the 2:00 p.m. ET hour today (August 22, 2004) on Fox News Live, Fox aired a report on the murder of the two campers found shot to death in their sleeping bags on a Sonoma County, California beach. Banners on the screen asked whether the murders were a hate crime - the two young people killed because they were Christians. The Fox reporter said the Sonoma County authorities have said it could be, and may be, a hate crime.

COMMENT: Attached is a San Francisco Chronicle article from today's paper talking about the latest in the case. No mention is made, in this article anyway, of any possibility that this is a hate crime. I suggest that the Sonoma authorites likely say this could be a hate crime because they have ruled absolutely nothing out. I find it interesting that Fox emphasized the hate crime angle in their report. It adds to an increasing number of religiously-based segments aired there of late. (See our category "Religion and Politics.")