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Another Unbalanced Fox Panel

Reported by Ellen - August 22, 2004 -

If it's not Pro-Bush or Anti-Kerry, it's not Forbes on Fox. Yesterday, August 21, 2004 was no exception.

The opening topic, so you know you won't miss it, was the Kerry tax plan. Panelists speaking against it were Jim Michaels, Dennis Neale and Mike Ozanian. Panelist (that noun is singular) for it was Lea Goldman. Panelist Victoria Murphy said both Bush and Kerry use fuzzy math in their platforms.

Let's recap: three panelists against Kerry's plan, one for, one in neither camp. Seems to me someone else is using fuzzy math if they call it fair and balanced. Since Forbes is a business program, they can't say they're bad at numbers. On the other hand, with all the time the Forbes gang spends bashing Kerry and promoting Bush, maybe they have forgotten their basics.