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9/11 Rescue Dogs

Reported by Deborah - August 22, 2004 -

Laurie Dhue reported, that 8 out of the 14, search and rescue dogs, that helped after 9/11, have since died of cancer. 8/22/04 7:36PM

According to Dhue, doctors at the University of Pennsylvanis claim that this cancer could not be caused by the chemicals at ground zero because, if the dogs had problems, so would the human rescue workers.

On August 18, 2004, the Sierra Club had a heavily advertised press conference on the steps of New York City Hall. At this time, the Sierra Club distributed a report about the dangerous level of contaminants in the air at ground zero such
as dioxins from pulverized computers; microscopic ground glass; assorted chemicals. The severe and chronic health problems of the first responders was also documented in this report. The fact, that Christy Todd Whitman said the area was safe, despite resports, then, to the contrary, is noted and challenged in this report.

It would seem that a major news organization like Fox recieved the press release which was sent out around August 16, but maybe chose not to cover it, or read the report. Even so. there have been enough reputable reports published about the chronic health problems of first responders, to make Fox's
denial of a connection between the dog's death and 9/11 pollution very suspect.