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View From Italy

Reported by Deborah - August 21, 2004 -

Greg Burke reported, from Italy, that unidentified, Al Qaeda connected, terror groups have sent a message that "Blood will flow through the streets of Italy."
8/21/04 1:04 PM

Burke adds that Italy, our most loyal ally, refuses to pull their troops from Iraq despite the threat. Burke described a dramatic build up of security throughout the country, painting a picture of a country afraid.

Then Burke interviewed a vacationing woman from the U.S. who gave a different perspective, She said that before leaving for her trip, she was very concerned about terrorism in Italy. However since she has arrived, she has seen no evidence of that the Italian people are concerned and no mention of the terror threat at all. Burke quickly countered her comment, saying that Italy must cover up the problem to maintain tourism.

That could certainly be true, or maybe, they just don't have a media constantly scaring them.