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GOP Eugenics

Reported by Nancy - August 21, 2004 -

Republican voters in Tennessee were busy last week selecting an overt racist & eugenicist to represent the party in the battle for the state's 8th congressional district.

James Hart won the Republican primary with more than 80% of the vote over write-in candidate Dennis Bertrand, who got into the race when it became clear no mainstream Republican would be on the ballot. Hart has vowed to keep the "less favored races" from reproducing, lest they spread their "poverty genes" & turn America into "one big Detroit." He argues that if blacks had been integrated into society earlier on, we'd never have invented the automobile or the light bulb (check out his website if you don't believe me).

The executive committee of the state GOP has since adopted a resolution calling Hart's support of eugenics "abhorrent & outrageous." The National Republican Congressional Committee, in an e-mail update on various races around the country, noted the state GOP's rejection of Hart & said it supported the state party's decision.

So my question is: how did this racist even get to be a candidate in the GOP primary?