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Fox Shills for the Saudis

Reported by Ellen - August 21, 2004 -

FOXNews.com on August 20 reports that Saudi Arabia Launches $1M Ad Campaign. Along with a companion video report by Alisyn Camerota, there's lots of good news for those concerned that Saudi Arabia may be getting a bad rap in the media.

First, the article tells us that the Saudi Ads "point out" the 9/ll commission "finding that the Saudi government was not involved in terrorist attacks upon the United States." Last I heard, nobody said the Saudi government was involved. Complicit, maybe. A breeding ground for terrorists, obviously, but Fox doesn't mention that, of course.

Next paragraph: "One piece mentions the commission's recounting that Saudi Arabia stopped a 1998 plot to attack U.S. troops."

Later this: "'There really was not much talk about the vindication of Saudi Arabia and the Sept. 11 episodes,' said al-Jubeir, a familiar face to television news viewers."

The piece does say "The ads don't address the (9/11) commission's criticism of Saudi Arabia, which its official report calls 'a problematic ally in combating Islamic extremism.'" Well, of course they wouldn't. They are ads for Saudi Arabia.

The real question is why doesn't Fox address the commission's criticism of this problematic ally? It wouldn't be because the Bush family is very close to the Saudi Royal family, would it?