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Unreal Journalism

Reported by Nancy - August 20, 2004 -

Brigitte Quinn on FNL this morning (8/20) gave a perfect example of why the tagline "Real Journalism -- Fair & Balanced" is so inappropriate for any Fox show.

Quinn was interviewing Karl Vick (Washington Post) by phone from Najaf. Vick, as you might expect from anyone associated with that bastion of the "liberal" media, the WaPo, was reporting factually about what he could see & hear from his location. Despite occasionally spotty transmission & static, the interview was going well & Quinn was reacting profesionally to Vick's professionalism.

But then ... Quinn just couldn't hold out. She wanted to know how the US troops were "feeling" about being bogged down in Najaf for weeks (parenthetically: isn't that just a tad too "sensitive" of her?). But she didn't just ask Vick a neutral question, like "how is morale among the troops?" -- no, she had to play to the Fox base, try to whip up some emotion & ask if the troops are getting "impatient". Of course that loaded word ties in with the militaristic bravado of FNL's "military consultants", who have been beating the war drums for weeks now about Najaf (e.g., "we own the night"). Vicks couldn't help but laugh a little. He responded that the troops get paid to follow orders & that's what they're doing.

I found this elsewhere on the net. I just love the coinage "FOXymoron" on so many levels, & it's a spot-on assessment of FNL's tagline.

Contradiction: Journalism/Fair and Balanced

Journalism: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation and without opinion.

"Facts" or "descriptions of events" cannot be fair, unfair, balanced or unbalanced. Opinion or bias can however be fair or balanced. Therefore by admitting to being "Fair and Balanced" the FOX network contradicts the concept of journalism. It is what TvNewsLies.org calls a FOXymoron.