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Hannity's Loss of Dignity

Reported by Deborah - August 19, 2004 -

When a person permits hatred to overwhelm their humanity, dignity is lost. That is what happened to Hannity tonight and the damage he tried to inflict on Kerry and the Democrats, may turn out to damage him more, in the end. 8/19/04 9PM ET

As expected, John O'Neill was there to refute the story in the Washington Post discrediting one of the Swift Boat Vets, Larry Thurlow. John O'Neill gave one of his convoluted defenses while Hannity helped him along with every attack he could find

Last night's montage of Democrats daring to exercise their first ammendment rights was shown. Moveon and the lie about purposely showing an ad comparing Bush to Hitler was repeated. I have heard this Moveon lie explained to Hannity on countless occasions. O'Neill then blasted Moveon and George Soros complaining about how he has spent millions "to stop our little organization."

At 9:12 PM , he attacked Tom Harkin's character, claiming that Harkin had embellished his own service in Vietnam, because he dared to call Cheney a cowardfor sending boys to die while choosing not to serve.

At 9:14 PM He showed one of the Kerry clips from 1971 saying "Trash then, trash now- smear campaign" Claiming that Kerry smeared the vietnam vets after the war. Then of , course he accused Kerry of being a war criminal and O'Neill agreed claiming there was one horrific incident described in his best selling book.

Then Alan Colmes arrived and really did an excellent job, showing Kerry's signed citation. O'Neill, who's hate and desperation has passed rationality, claimed that Kerry wrote the report himself but clearly Colmes pushed him to the corner because he started to sputter and whine. Too bad Colmes only had a few minutes.

The unrelenting character assassination continued until 9:27 PM ending with a revealing comment from O"Neill. He claimed this all could have been avoided if Kerry had "apologized about the lies about war crimes"

Comment: John O'Neill's vendetta is less important here than Hannity's frenetic display of hate and vindictive rhetoric. Hannity can not stand it when Democrats stand up for their rights. He has become used to the easily intimidated and guilt ridden Democrats, who allowed the right wing zealots to walk on them. Hannity has crossed a line now and we can expect his ruthless behavior to escalate.