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Comedy of Errors

Reported by Judy - August 19, 2004 -

E.D. Hill thought she had the goods on John Kerry's love life -- a website by a former Kerry girlfriend in the 1990s, in between his marriages, but after looking at the site, for the first time, live on Fox and Friends today (August 19) Hill flipped out and told the audience not to go to the site because there was nudity on it.

Hill made the about-face as she looked at the website on her lap top.

The woman, Lee Roystone, had self-published a book, "Hedgefund Mistress," which is supposed to be a tell-all about her 20-month relationship with Kerry.

Hill said, "Now she's saying that she's worried that her self-published book could sway the election. Give me a break. Whoa! Wait a second. I am sorry, do not give out that website. ... This woman's a kook."

She noted that the website had photos of Roystone and Kerry together, as well as some of their letters, "which is really not cool" and "there's a naked photo on there. Do not give the website."

Hill tore her notes in half and threw them in the air, saying, "This is someone who is desperate for attention and unfortunately we gave it to her."

The website of Lee Roystone seems harmless enough to me, but I can't vouch for the veracity of Roystone's claims because Fox never mentioned getting any comment from the Kerry campaign about the woman and her site. The only nudity I saw was what looked like a drawing of a topless woman on the cover of Royston's book.

On the website, Roystone said she and Kerry met while working on Earth Day when she was a graduate student and both were single. The website said the relationship was "interesting and significant" for her. Roystone supports Kerry's candidacy and the website has a link to his official site.

"I hope you enjoy my mementos and get to know him a little better.
He is a wonderful man and he is the best man for the job out of
anyone anywhere. It is important that we all support him with our
time and with our money. Donate to: www.JohnKerry.com."

Roystone seems to have no axe to grind or any bitterness toward Kerry. The caption for one photo says: " John and me at the Earth Day celebration party. We were so happy that night - we had worked so hard for three months and Earth Day was a huge success! Little did we know that a woman he'd met earlier that very day would wind up becoming his wife."

I can't tell for sure what spooked Hill about the site. The book jacket is not much different from the Victoria Secret models wearing little but feathers that strutted across the Fox screen an hour or so later. Maybe it was Roystone's plea that visitors vote for Kerry that turned Hill off.

This came right after the co-hosts debated whether Kerry had flipflopped by saying in an interview that he thought Catherine Zeta-Jones was hot, but telling his wife that Zeta-Jones was fat. Mike Jerrick, "Is that a flip-flop? Is that an official flip-flop." Hill, "It certainly plays into it."

Fox and Friends also interviewed the Michael Hainey, GQ writer who had a beer with Kerry on July 4 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and wrote a profile of him. Hainey said Kerry hated being single, is personally hurt by the Swift Boat attacks, and becoming president "means the world to him." Pretty innocuous stuff.