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CNN Goes Inside the Mosque

Reported by Eleanor - August 19, 2004 -

On CNN at about 1:30 p.m. Aug. 19, Kianne Sadeq, CNN Producer, reported a story that came from inside the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf. The Mosque was filled with cheering people, including teenagers, women and children.

They told the reporters that they will not stand down. According to Kianne, these people are anti-government, anti-American, and pro-al-Sadr. They call Americans the "occupiers." They support al-Sadr because he stands against the Americans. Some of these people have been in the Mosque for five days, and they feel it is their "duty" to defend al-Sadr and his group of resistance fighters. They say they are fine and happy. They have medical supplies and food, and they're ready to stay there until "the end." The crowd has been growing larger, but outside the Mosque is a war zone.

Kianne said that the reporters came into the Mosque first by going past American tanks, and then the Iraqi Army. They were allowed inside to see and report on what was going on inside the Mosque.

Comment: I haven't seen this story on Fox. Quite a big story for Fox to miss, don't you think? A little earlier, in a related story, Wolf Blitzer discussed the role of American troops in the area. One day they are a combat force, and the next day, a peace keeping force, and they're not sure what each day will bring. I just heard on Fox at 3:00 that U.S. planes are bombing militia locations in Najaf.