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Sneak Attack

Reported by Judy - August 18, 2004 -

E.D. Hill today (August 19) lent credibility to one of the falsities of the anti-Kerry campaign by some Vietnam veterans, stating that "the men who served with him on the swift boat" have criticized his service.

Hill, a co-host of Fox and Friends, in a discussion on the anti-Kerry swift boat ads (8:09 a.m. EDT) justified the swift boat ads attacking Kerry's military record, despite his three purple hearts. "But if you run on that as the reason you should be elected, if there are men, including the men who replaced him on that swift boat and the men who served with him on that swift boat that say he wasn't so brave there, he didn't deserve those medals, does that have the right to come out also, if you're going to base your presidency on that?"

Does Hill think that "the who replaced him on that swift boat" somehow gained some special knowledge about Kerry merely by being on the same boat later? Following that logic, you should be able to testify to the character and deeds of the people who stayed in your hotel room the night before you arrived.

Furthermore, Hill states incorrectly that "the men who served with him on that swift boat" say Kerry did not deserve his medals. Hill failed to mention that all but one of the 12 men who served under him have endorsed him. Only one of the 12 is part of the smear campaign against him, as Media Matters for America has documented.

The co-hosts also mentioned briefly an ad attacking George Bush's military service, which Brian Kilmeade called "the icing on the cake." Hill blamed campaign finance reform for the competing ads because, "The little people like all of us and you can only donate $2,000" to a campaign, but the issue-oriented organizations can spend unlimited amounts.

I know a lot of "little people" and none of them has a spare $2,000 to donate to a campaign, let alone more than that. What world does Hill live in?

During part of the discussion, Fox ran a portion of the swift boat ad, without audio, on the screen.

Fox kept up the free publicity for the swift boat veterans on Fox News Live when it played part of the ad, this time with audio, as a promotion for a discussion with two political analysts. The portion that ran featured a veteran saying, "I know John Kerry is lying about his first public heart because I treated him for that injury." Fox chose to run this portion of the ad despite the fact that the man making the statement is not the doctor who treated Kerry, as newspapers have reported in articles summarized by Media Matters for America.

Since early August, Fox and the swift boats have been repeating the same lies over and over to try to smear Kerry.