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Political Correctness

Reported by Nancy - August 18, 2004 -

Political Correctness for Right-Wing Types
(or, what to expect when debating a "Fox Fan")

Anyone who disagrees with you is a "Democrat"

Anyone who argues with you is a "Liberal"

If they argue with you & actually present data (formerly known as "debating"), shrug it off as "propaganda from the Liberal Media"

If you cannot rebut the argument, pick on details such as misspellings, improper punctuation or taglines

If your opponent has an unrefutable argument, change the subject

If your opponent consistently overturns your "correct" stories (anything told by Rush Limbaugh), use ad hominem attacks

Anyone who puts life over profits is a "tree hugger"

Anyone who refutes or debates "correct" science (Creationism, Ecological Stability) is a "sky-is-falling" reactionary

Anyone who opposes the melding of religion & government is one of the "liberals" who helped create the rampant immorality today

Any federal program created by a Democrat, or that "looks" Democratic is "socialistic"

Dismantling programs & restrictions on spending, then sending the money to states as a "block grant" is better than having a standardized Federal program with rules

Giving tax money to people is "enslaving them", giving tax money to corporations is "making jobs"

Anything that does not turn a profit for private corporations is an "elitist operation"

Always take everything personally

Whatever your weakness is, blame it on your opponent

The more narrow & prejudiced your sources, the more you project that onto your opponent

When your opponent attacks a Republican/conservative President's policies, blame them on a Democratic Congress (or vice versa)

When quoting your opponent, edit his words to conform to "correctness"

Anyone who reads anything beyond "the Limbaugh Letter" is an "ivory tower intellectual"

When all else fails, lie

(original by Dan Baldwin)