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Hannity Turned The Corner

Reported by Deborah - August 18, 2004 -

The Hannity & Colmes show has become an undisguised vehicle for the RNC.This week there has been no effort made to hide the intention and it seems like Hannity turned that corner, after Bill Maher's visit, backfired on him. 8/18/04 9PM ET

J.C. Watts, R. and Dennis DiConcini,D. appeared for the opening double segment. These segments, billed as debates, are simply Kerry bashing sessions, and if the Democrats speaks loud and fast enough, maybe a defense can be made.Colmes does get some time for defense but no matter how pointed his question might be, he is still on the defensive.

Tonight, of course, Kerry's military and intell record got center stage again. This time, however, Watts was not a team player refusing to join Hannity in his character assassination of Kerry.Watts, however, remained the loyal Republican, dodging Colmes question about Vet cuts, by blaming it on Clinton.

Hannity started off in a respectful manner with DiConcini, until he denounced the Swift Boat smear. Hannity insisted that Bush had denounced the ad and kept insisting, that the Swift Boat Vets " have a right to be heard", claiming that O'Neills book was researched exhaustively.This is "clintonesque", Hannity wailed and then made reference to "Kerry's hit men" dishonoring these poor veterans.

Throughout this exchange, the ticker ran Kerry statements concerning his military service and a group wanting to investigate his anti-war activity. Strangely enough, the ticker changed to straight news during the Scott Peterson segment.