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What Does An "Illegal" Look Like?

Reported by Judy - August 17, 2004 -

E.D. Hill was up-in-arms today (August 17) about news from southern California concerning border patrol agents who were criticized for arresting illegal aliens away from the border.

Hill, a co-host of Fox and Friends, said it was the Homeland Security Department that had reined in the agents, effectively telling them, as Hill put it, "Just because you see (my emphasis) illegals inside the country doesn't mean you've got the right to stop them." Hill said the rationale was "because it doesn't take their sensitivities into consideration and it could be racial profiling."

Could be b racial profiling? What criteria do you suppose they would use to decide whether someone looked illegal? Would a woman with blonde hair llike E.D.'s look illegal? I think not. What would authorities use besides race to decide if someone looked illegal? In this case, Hill said, the border agents got a tip from local police about the illegal aliens, but she didn't say how the police knew they were illegal aliens.

Co-host Judge Napolitani noted that border patrol agents are supposed to stay at the border, rather than leaving the borders unguarded, and that's why they are limited to stopping illegal aliens at airports, the borders and similar points of entry.

Hill, willing to toss aside others' constitutional rights in the name of the war on terror, dismissed concerns that such raids by border guards "could cause panic in the Hispanic community."

Co-host Brian Kilmeade added that the president is concerned about who is pouring over the border as 77 people of Middle Eastern descent have been picked up in the southwest recently, and Hill said, "He better get that information over to the homeland security because the undersecretary there is criticizing the arrest of these illegals."

I guess I missed the connection Hill was trying to make. It seems to be that because border patrol agents are unable to roam around southern California after people who "look" illegal, our borders are less secure and the terrorists can enter the country. Maybe if the border patrol agents had stayed at the border instead of running around in search of illegal-looking people, they would have screened some of those 77 people of Middle Eastern descent at the border.

Guess I'm thinking about this too much. Fox just wants me to be scared.