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The Patriot Act in Action

Reported by Deborah - August 17, 2004 -

Laurie Dhue delivered a chilling headline during her news segment at 9:30 PM during the Hannity&Colmes show. 8/16/04 9:30 PM ET

Dhue issued a warning to anyone planning trouble for the Republican National Convention in New York. Websites will be monitored and meetings will be attended by security officers in plainclothes.

This disturbing announcement had been streaming across Fox's ticker throughout the day. People have been served subpoenas and others have been questioned.This was followed by a statement that it was not "chilling" anyone's first ammendment rights but just part of an effort to stop violence during the convention.

As if this isn't scarey enough, Fox ran the story about Al Qaeda recruiting terrorists that look American, a few times today. So we can expect protesters to be arrested, charged with terrorism and then simply vanish. If they pull it off in New York, we can expect a massive crackdown on anyone who disagrees with the administration. The Newshounds always joke about being carted off in the night for this blog, but now, it's not so funny.