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Would You Call It "Free?"

Reported by Ellen - August 16, 2004 -

Take a look at this story on FOXNews.com, A Free (and Christian) South Carolina?. It's about a California group called Christian Exodus that seeks to persuade Christian evangelicals to move to South Carolina in order to vote "Christian Sovereigntists" into the state legislature. Their ultimate goal is to have the state secede from the United States and to form a new "God-honoring governance."

You might think that a fair and balanced news organization would take a careful and probing look at an organization which seeks something so unAmerican but Fox didn't. Here are a few "highlights" of the article:

"Christian Exodus (search), a California-based group, wants God to be its commander in chief. "

"Christian Exodus' mission, according to its Web site, is to scrap the 'tyrannical authority' of federal government in favor of a constitutional republic, with the Ten Commandments rather than the U.S. Constitution as government's guide."

"But don't call them isolationists."

The only "balancing" opinion provided by Fox is from another evangelical:

"A spokesman for Bob Jones University — a nondenominational Christian university that 'stands without apology for the old-time religion and the absolute authority of the Bible' — said the school would not be part of the campaign. 'As Christians, it's not our job to start a new country,' Jonathan Pait, a spokesman for the university, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution."

Rather than a "free" South Carolina, this group sounds like a Christian version of the Taliban. Go to their website to see for yourself.

If you agree this article should provide a more balanced report on this organization, contact politics@foxnews.com and let them know how you feel.