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Standoff and Iran's Role

Reported by Eleanor - August 15, 2004 -

On Fox News Sunday (Aug. 15, 5:00 p.m.) the discussion between Chris Wallace and Richard Lugar had some ominous implications concerning Iran.

(Summary of the discussion)
Wallace: How serious a threat are the rebels in Najaf? Can this lead to a larger Shiite uprising?
Lugar: Al Sadr is a minor cleric, but Sustani is in London. Other clerics are deferring to al Sadr. Allawi is left with the tough task of taking on al Sadr in the Shrine. Sixty percent of the population is Shiite. Al Sadr thinks the U.S. ought to get out. He wants to establish a theocratic government with the Shiites in charge. He has a good bit of control. The people have followed him.
Wallace: The fledgling government is in limbo?
Lugar: Yes, they're saying Allawi should resign.
Wallace: How do we crush al Sadr?
Lugar: It's a big gamble if you don't disarm al Sadr. We will see this in other places. The Iraqi police won't make it.
Wallace: We're hearing explosions today near the assembly. Iran supported the insurgents. How tough should the U.S. get with Iran?
Lugar: Very tough. We hope the U.N. will get tough. Iran is moving toward nuclear weaponization. Pakistan, India, and Israel have nuclear weapons. We hope the U.N. Security Council will tell Iran to stop, with the use of economic and military sanctions.
Wallace: Will the U.S. allow Iran to get the bomb? Will the U.S. support a pre-emptive strike?
Lugar: I won't speculate on that. The Security Council and the nations of the world have to stop them, including stopping North Korea.

Comment: This discussion was a lot more than a news analysis. I'm not quite sure of the purpose - to scare, inform, prepare, speculate, update, show toughness, all (or none) of the above? Is it just politics? Confusing, huh?