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Outsourcing and Healthcare

Reported by Eleanor - August 15, 2004 -

On the Fox "Cost of Freedom" series (Aug. 15, 10:00 a.m.), two discussions were especially informative when it comes to getting into the conservative mind - the Forbes on Fox discussion of outsourcing, and the Cashin' In discussion of health care.

Outsourcing - Forbes on Fox headline: "Outsourcing of American jobs is here to stay. We'll look at companies who do it best and will make you money."

(Summary of main points)
David Asman: American companies will be sending jobs overseas no matter who wins the election. Which companies do it best?
Mike Ozanian: Slave labor - Nike - but they do OK compared to fellow workers (in India or China?).
John? Let's face it. Companies want to save money. Cognizant Technology with 80% of their workers in India.
Elizabeth McDonald - GE and Siemens. Smart companies.
Lea Goldman: DeVry. Training people to do technical jobs.
At this point, Asman repeated the comment that "no matter who wins the election" outsourcing will continue, but he added the caveat that "Kerry says he'll change the tax laws to benefit those companies that don't outsource." The guests talked over each other, drowning out any further comments with noise, but I heard something about "his wife" (Kerry's wife) and "leaving it up to labor." This ended with "every company outsources to some degree." (There was nothing here about the value or morality of keeping American work here. Just talk of profits.)

Health Care for Everyone - Cashin' In with Dagen McDowell: Is health care a right, just like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? (Summary of main points)
Jonathan Hoenig: It's a violation of the whole concept of rights. People have "a right to work for health care."
Bob Beckel: Health care is a right from cradle to grave, and "you have the right to pay for it."
Jonathan: Then why not give people "three square meals a day, a roof, college, ....?
Herb Greenberg: How can anyone even question this issue with the high drug prices....drug companies taking advantage....?
Stuart Varney: This idea is European "socialized medicine." They have an aging population and a declining workforce. (He indicates they have poor health care as well.)
Mike Norman? - Yes, it's a right. There aren't enough jobs. The government should pay. The cost of health care is "catastrophic."
Jonathan: The government can afford health care when the private sector can't?
Tom Adkins: People have no right to health care. They should "get off their fat butt and do it" themselves.
Herb: What do you tell people who can't afford health care?
Stuart Varney: Trial lawyers and technology are responsible for the high cost.
Bob Beckel: Why should I pay for stupid, ridiculous Star Wars?
Jonathan Hoenig: Star Wars is the proper role of government. (then he lists others like Amtrak, ......)
Bob: With a sick kid on the street.....dying....that is insensitivity.
Varney: Europe pays for health care by raising taxes on the aging population. They can't afford it. The only way is that people work to pay for health care. We cannot do deficit spending...effect on economy......
Jonathan Hoenig: Not moral ethics. Paternalistic state. Servants to the state.
Bob Beckel: We have poverty in this country. You're talking about values.
Herb Greenberg: A country has the responsibility to care for its citizens.

Comment: I didn't get all of this, but the difference between the conservative view and liberal view was stark. It's amazing to me that any of the working poor or middle class in this country would support the conservative point of view. They'll go out and vote on cultural issues such as guns, gays, abortion, religion, the pledge, wrapping themselves in the flag - and going against all their own economic interests. With their votes - their only power to make a difference - they'll hand the government over to corporations who care for nothing but profits. The advances of the entire 20th century are disappearing as the new working class republicans get their ideas from the media, and each other, and smooth the path at the polls to their own economic self-destruction.