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What Happened To Hannity?

Reported by Deborah - August 14, 2004 -

Hannity was replaced by Mike Reagan ,on last night's show. When the Fox News website was checked at 11PM 8/13/04, the listing for that night showed Hannity and Colmes interviewing Mike Reagan at the Reagan Ranch about stem cell research. So it seems, that Hannity's absence was sudden enough to prevent Fox from getting an, in studio, replacement. Mike Reagan, stood in, from the Ranch, which is unusual. Also the first 17 minutes of the show seemed very disorganized, as if it had been hastily restructured.

Now before all our Fox loyalist readers jump down my throat, I am just speculating on an interesting observation. Fox is always free to make changes and Hannity can take off at will. However, I have some thoughts on what might have happened. How about our readers. What do you think?