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Maher on Bush's Infamous 7 Minutes

Reported by Eleanor - August 14, 2004 -

In a NY Daily News article on August 11, Bill Maher commented on the time Bush spent in the classroom while the towers were burning. He also pointed out the 20 minute photo op that Bush held outside the building before leaving.

Excerpt from Democrats.com: Bush Didn't Just Blow 7 Minutes On 9/11 - It Was 27, Counting Post-Story Photo Op

Bill Maher, writing in the NY Daily News observes that Bush didn't just wait seven minutes the am of 9/11 reading to kids, "but 20 more at a photo op afterward. [It] was, in my view, the most outrageous thing a President has done since Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court. Watergate was outrageous but it still did not carry the possibility of utter devastation. Republicans are tying themselves in knots trying to defend Bush's actions that morning. The excuses they put forward are absurd: He was 'gathering his thoughts.' There is no time in the nuclear age for a President to sit like Forrest Gump 'gathering thoughts' after an attack has begun. 'He didn't want to scare the children.' Better not to scare 20 children momentarily than to react immediately to an attack on the country! We're lucky Al Qaeda had done its worst by the time he pulled himself away from the photo op. Next time, it might not be that way." Read the article at Bush Blew It On the Morning of 9/11.

Comment: Maher added to this on "Real Time" last night when he said that Bush could actually have put the children in danger if the terrorists had decided to harm the president. His whereabouts were not secret.