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Today It's Iran and Private Planes

Reported by Eleanor - August 13, 2004 -

Fox & Friends (Aug. 13, 7:00 a.m.) continued with the daily terror feeding frenzy.

Shrine Stand-Off: Tom McInerney, Fox Military Analyst, speaking of Najaf, said that we're in a "support position." We suspect "appeasement" by Allawi. Al Sadr might be hurt. "He'll be a martyr if killed," and "someone will follow in his place."

Iran: McInerney continued: Iran has funded 30,000 troops and provided resources to the militants in Iraq. Iran is the "king of terror." Also, "Eventually we have to change that administration. We have to start covert operations in Iran. If three elections - U.S., Afghanistan, & Iraq - go in the direction of strong anti-terror, Iran is in trouble." (Sounds like we're all in deep trouble if the elections go that way.)

Aircraft Threats: We are first reminded of helicopters that could be loaded with explosives and al Qaeda with plans to attack us within 60 days, then Joe Autera of Medaire Global Security Service stated that small aircraft can be used by terrorists. If used as a missile, small private planes are capable of inflicting "tremendous damage." They can carry up to "10,000 pounds of fuel at take-off." The payload is "worse than helicopters." Would they "steal a plane" or "overpower a pilot?" Access to aircraft is there. It is a "viable threat."

Comment: Just in case the threats we have been warned about this week aren't enough, like al Qaeda casing Las Vegas and five other cities, NY building threats, food and drug threats, reminders of anthrax, helicopters, we must also be afraid of small private planes, and they seem to be the worst of all. Are you afraid yet? Isn't it questionable that port security, border security and airplane cargo holds are being ignored, when those are threats we could do something about if we had the political will to do it. We hear about very few threats that can be acted upon, and we don't tell helicopter companies about the threats before going public. Sounds like fear mongering to me, and little else. What happens if we have a real threat? People are being de-sensitized, and we won't believe it when it's real.