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Pronunciation (is) Key

Reported by Nancy - August 13, 2004 -

Yes, this is picky, but in FNL's reporting of Julia Child's death this morning (Aug 13), both Brigitte Quinn & Lauren Green misprounced "grande dame".

Both called her the "grande dame" of French cooking, but instead of correctly saying "gränd däm" or "grahnd dahm" they said it with a nasally long "A", rendering it as some Americanized version of "dame" (as in "there is nothing like a ..."). None of the CNN or MSNBC staff who reported this story this morning -- all of whom used the same phrase, because it's been her sobriquet for years -- made a similar faux pas.

Comment: If you're going to use a foreign phrase, at least make an effort to get the pronunciation right. I find it hard to believe that neither Quinn nor Green knows the correct pronunciation.