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A Business Show w/o the Business

Reported by Melanie - August 13, 2004 -

You'd have a hard time learning much about the state of the business and financial world if you watched today's (August 13, 2004) Your World w/Neil Cavuto. There was lots of coverage of Charley; lots of talk about how the price and supply of oil could be affected because of Charley; talk of "who do you trust" when investing because of yesterday's resignation of Gov. McGreevey of New Jersey coupled with corporate scandals of late. If you watched, you'd learned that Allstate, JetBlue, Disney and Home Depot all figure into the Charley story and you'd know that damage from Charley could have an affect on the entire US economy.

But, unless you were reading the banners at the bottom of the screen, you wouldn't know about a whole lot of important data released today. You wouldn't know that the trade gap surged to record highs in July (New York Times); that consumer confidence fell for the first time in three months (Bloomberg); what the July Wholesale Prices numbers were (ABC News); and you wouldn't know where the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, or the S&P closed. None of these important figures were explained, reviewed or evaluated today on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's premiere business program.

COMMENT: Of course, Fox News can't be accused of not "covering" these numbers because they WERE at the bottom of the screen, but come on! When the numbers are good they devote whole segments to them. The difference is obvious.