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Terror and Nonsense

Reported by Eleanor - August 12, 2004 -

I caught enough of Fox & Friends (Aug. 12, 7:00 a.m.) to capture the following notes.

- Najaf has up to 1,500 militants in a Mosque. U.S. troops won't go in (for fear of inciting violence beyond Iraq.) Only Iraqi forces will go in. (Why would anyone incite violence beyond Iraq? Is it less likely or less sinful if the Iraqis do it? Take your pick.)
- Five major arrests of terrorists in Pakistan.
- Concerns have been raised about a threat to our food supply - no specific threat - just chatter. (So watch what you put in your mouth.)
- An attack is in the works if Osama has his way. (So keep watching, and we'll tell you his way - maybe - later.)
- Mancow tried to grab Susan McDougall to appear with him when he saw her in the studio - she ran away.
- Mancow said, "Radical Muslims are blowing up something somewhere."
- Mancow, "John Kerry and Teresa are not sleeping together. It's hard to sleep with a man with all that flip flopping."

Comment: I need to oversleep every morning, and let Judy watch Doofy and the other "Friends," so you don't have to. It's really hard to wake up to terror combined with nonsense every day. Nah, I'll do it.