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Keeping Kerry Mute

Reported by Judy - August 12, 2004 -

Anyone who watches Fox News exclusively for coverage of the 2004 presidential campaign might rightfully wonder if John Kerry is mute. That's because the channel so rarely airs a clip of him speaking.

Bush, on the other hand, gets plenty of free airtime.

The imbalance was in evidence today (August 12) on Fox and Friends during Wendell Goler's campaign report. Goler (8:33 a.m. EDT) discussed Kerry's suggestion that American troop strength in Iraq could be cut. Fox then aired a clip of Bush saying, "The mission is not going to be completed as quickly as possible if the enemy thinks we're going to be removing a substantial number of troops in six months." Goler then had to correct Bush's statement, noting that Kerry had talked about a time line of one year, not six months. The only Kerry presence was a brief video of him shaking hands, with no sound.

Fox is so desperate to promote Bush's candidacy that it airs his statements even when they know they're wrong and have to be corrected later.