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FNL as a Cheney Ad

Reported by Nancy - August 12, 2004 -

I tuned in to FNL earlier than usual today (Aug 12), & was treated to a full-length (& then some) Cheney campaign ad. From 10:21am to 10:34am (EDT), FNL showed live, uninterrupted coverage of a campaign speech Cheney was giving in Ohio.

That's 13 solid, unedited, uninterrupted minutes of Dick Cheney speaking on the campaign trail. By contrast, during the same time frame, MSNBC & CNN showed 1-2 minutes of the speech, followed by brief (1-2 minute) analysis.

Comment: What are the odds that ANY Fox program will EVER show 13 solid, unedited, uninterrupted minutes of ANY on-the-trail campaign speech by either Kerry or Edwards?

Extending the unfair & unbalanced coverage even further, at 10:34am (EDT) Brigitte Quinn remarked how STRONG the speech by Cheney was, then replayed 2 minutes of the 13 minutes we'd just seen. Quinn then said that the Kerry "camp" had already reacted to Cheney's speech, & read a statement from Kerry's campaign saying that Cheney had taken Kerry's words out of context; Quinn stumbled & mumbled [comment: intentionally?] while reading the statement, rendering it useless. At 10:36am (EDT) Quinn then interviewed Richard Shenkman (author of "Presidential Ambitions") & Chris Henick (GOP strategist) for another 5 minutes about Cheney's speech. Henick did the usual GOP talking points, while Shenkman gave a sort-of-historical sort-of-analysis of campaign strategies.

[Comment: Quinn did not mention that Shenkman's book was published by HarperCollins, a Murdoch-owned company. And why did FNL not invite someone from the Kerry "camp" to balance Henick?]