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Blow up "That Thing"?

Reported by Judy - August 12, 2004 -

Jon Scott today (August 12) tried to push two members of Congress into calling for American troops to storm the mosque where militia loyal to Muslim cleric al Sadr are hiding out. He did it by denigrating the mosque's religious status.

On Fox News Live, Scott (9:15 a.m. EDT) referred to the "so-called holy mosque" in Najaf and U.S. reluctance to attack it directly, and asked, "Are we wise to be so careful with that thing? (my emphasis)" Then he resorted to a favorite Fox tactic for inserting opinion, saying, "Some people say this is war and sometimes churches get blown up" as during World War II and that "maybe it needs to happen now."

Neither Democratic Rep. Martin Frost of Texas nor Republican Duncan Hunter of California would have anything to do with Scott's inflammatory suggestion. Frost said decisions about what to attack should be left to commanders in the field. Hunter went off on how the Iraqis have to take over the fighting.

Hopefully, Osama bin Laden didn't hear that newscast in his cave somewhere in Afghanistan. He doesn't need any more help in persuading Muslims that the Iraq war is really about attacking their religion.