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Who Is Less Dysfunctional?

Reported by Judy - August 10, 2004 -

The Fox and Friends co-hosts today (August 10) did their best to polish the resume of George Bush's nominee to head the CIA, Rep. Porter Goss, R-Florida.

Peter Doocy, on Fox and Friends (8:04 a.m. EDT), was interviewing Peter Brookes, senior fellow at Heritage Foundation and a former CIA officer, about Goss and claimed that Goss was director of operations for the CIA for 10 years. "This guy knows how Langley works," Doocy said. On the other hand, Doocy said, George Tenent was only a trade lawyer.

Wrong on both counts, Stevie-O. Brookes pointed out that Tenent was deputy director for the Democratic staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and that Goss had been only a case officer, not director of operations. "

Later, Kiran Chetry tried to add luster to Goss's resume, saying that Goss has "invaluable experience as a member of Congress" as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. In that capacity, Goss last fall issued a report calling the CIA's human intelligence "dysfunctional."

Goss' experience in Congress may not impress everyone. The 9/11 Commission said in its report that Congress was in need of reform as well. "Congressional oversight for intelligence--and counterrorism--is now dysfunctional. Congress should address this problem" (p. 430). Goss and House Republicans have been in charge of that dysfunctional system for 10 years now, and it's about time they take some responsibility -- or blame -- for how that chamber operates.

Will taking a member of one dysfunctional organization and putting him in charge of another organization which he says is dysfunctional make things better? I'm not sure.