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Tipped to the Unfair & Unbalanced Side

Reported by Melanie - August 10, 2004 -

Your World w/Neil Cavuto didn't try very hard today (August 10, 2004) to be "fair and balanced." The first seven minutes were taken up with a round table discussion about today's .25% interest rate increase, and whether or not the market is poised to go up. (Answer: There is some fear about oil and terrorism but yes.)

At 4:11 p.m. ET after a news break, guest host Brenda Buttner introduced Jim Glassman, of the ultra conservative American Enterprise Institute. Mr. Glassman spoke about how the Democrats should "tell the truth," and stop "all this bad mouthing" about the economy because what they say could "hurt real families." Glassman said the economy's "doing well" but the Democrats "don't want to see that happening." Then he threw around some statistics like jobs and consumer sentiment which the average viewer pays no attention to, and then said, "I think the market is somewhat worried" about the "enhanced possibility" of a Kerry presidency, but that in general the economy is doing well. Buttner signed off by saying, "Well, it's a story we've been telling here as well." (COMMENT: They sure have!)

After segments about a casino business owned by Donald Trump filing for bankruptcy, an interview with Ken Lay's attorney and another news break, we got six minutes of Pat Boone, beginning at 4:3l p.m..

After the obligatory discussions about touring and new albums, Buttner introduced the presidential race. Boone said he is "one of the very, very few" conservative entertainers. He said the whole industry is "openly anti-Bush." Buttner asked about everyone's right to free speech and Boone said it can verge on "slander and opposition to our Commander in Chief during a time of war," and that it's "feeding our enemies." He then brought up a sponsor's right to fire an entertainer who speaks out and about the fact that "there is an anger" and a "lack of respect" in Hollywood. Buttner asked whether Bush has been "right wing enough," and Boone said that's dangerous and that Bush had to be careful. Boone said after the Republican convention Bush would probably have a "greater bounce" than Kerry. Boone said Bush is right to challenge Kerry to answer the question about what he would have done about Iraq and that Bush's stand on abortion is "right;" Bush can't make "polarizing statements" because he doesn't make laws and has to work with congress.

Then at 4:42 p.m. ET to a round table discussion about stocks and then to Carl Cameron from the Kerry campaign. At 4:53 p.m. to David Corn of The Nation magazine to talk about Bush's nomination today of Porter Goss to head the CIA.

COMMENT: This program had two lengthy segments that were blatantly pro Bush: Jim Glassman and Pat Boone. Combined, Glassman and Boone were given more than eleven minutes air time. Fox may say that David Corn was the balancing guest but (l) he got barely got three minutes, (2) he was one guest compared to the two conservatives, and (3) he was put in at the end of the show (4:53 p.m. ET) These are a few of the many ways in which Fox makes Democrats seem insignificant - two prominent Republicans given long early and mid-show interviews, and then a Democrat given a short interview as the show is wrapping up.