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Republican Manners on Display

Reported by Judy - August 10, 2004 -

A guest on Fox and Friends today (August 10) showed off a traditional Republican value -- talking while other people are talking.

Chris Warner (didn't catch name on screen), a lawyer and columnist, was discussing Bush's nomination of Porter Goss to the CIA post with a Democratic guest, David Corn (8:25 a.m. EDT), Washington editor for Nation. For some reason (partisanship, perhaps?), Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade brought up the John O'Neill book attacking Kerry's Vietnam War record.

Warner claimed that the issue is not going away "because the questions really haven't been addressed." Corn barely said, "It has been addressed," before Warner interrupted and said no. When Corn responded, "Excuse me, it has," Warner interrupted again. Corn began discussing Jim Rasmussen's statements that Kerry was under fire when he pulled Rasmussed out of the water, when Warner interrupted again. From there, it was pretty much Warner and Corn talking over each other, ending with Corn saying, "Let's talk about Bush's National Guard duty."

This refusal to let other people finish their points is an epidemic among Republicans. Did their parents never teach them manners? Or are they so intolerant of differing views that they can't stand to even hear them?

The dilemma for liberals -- stoop to their level or hold your tongue and hope the conservatives look foolish?