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Banners for Bozos

Reported by Nancy - August 10, 2004 -

In an otherwise (typically) undistinguished edition of Fox News Live today (Aug 10), I was struck by one set of banners that accompanied yet another speculative story about what Amber Frey might or might not say when she testifies at Scott Peterson's trial.

At 10:09am (EDT) Trace Gallagher filed the usual report about Frey at the Peterson trial. To illustrate his report, there was the same file footage of video we've all seen a hundred times (Frey before & after her Allred-inspired makeover, Frey talking into a bank of microphones, Frey walking into a room). The banner beneath the video ran a series of "FOX FACTS" that consisted of totally irrelevant personal information about Frey -- she has a half-brother named Jason, she has a sister named Ava, she is living with her boyfriend, she has a son by a previous relationship.

General comment: I have often complained about Fox's insistence on running banners for every single story they do, since they're often non-contributory & sometimes distract from the actual story. I have even speculated that the banners they use in certain circumstances are used deliberately to reinforce a particular point of view (e.g., when someone is giving a speech & Fox banners re-state what the speaker just said, sometimes "paraphrasing"). But these banners today were below trivial, beyond non-contributory. They hardly square with what seems to be FNL's new slogan: "real journalism, fair & balanced". But they do seem to target Fox's intended audience quite accurately.