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Terror Frustration

Reported by Deborah - August 9, 2004 -

This morning Joe Biden joined Matt Lauer to talk about the new terror threats that have monopolized the news,especially Fox News. Lauer expressed his frustration about not really knowing what can be believed. Biden's response was very interesting. 8/9/04 Today Show

Biden said that some of the information about helicopters and explosive laden limos was several years old and some was 2 years old. Lauer inquired about the cryptic assertions by Francis Townsend, that there was specific reason to believe this information was valid, for the present. Biden replied, that he had not seen anything that would indicate this, but quickly added that it could exist.Biden immediatly added that it's always a good idea to be cautious and he was sorry that he couldn't be more helpful.

Switching back to Fox this morning, there was no sign of doubt in their coverage.
Terror analysts were painting a grim and frightening picture in their live reports. New graphics showed vehicles blowing up on New York street maps with large fiery explosions in vivid colors. The headlines beneath the guests talking about the upcoming convention were alarming. Twenty five snipers will surround the convention; special forces will fill the city; gas masks and special glasses to protect against metal shards will be issued; Al Qaeda plans to use divers to attack the city.

Cokie Roberts,NPR political analyst, made a pertinent point on "Real Time With Bill Maher", HBO, 8/6/04. She said that anything about terror makes Bush's numbers go up because that's what he's running on. That might just say it all.
The problem is that nobody knows for sure and that's what make us so easy to manipulate.