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Items Worth Noting

Reported by Eleanor - August 9, 2004 -

On Shep Smith's Studio B (Aug. 9, 3:00 p.m.), I noted a couple of items worth mentioning.

The five-week pregnancy of Lori Hacking is now being called an '"aggravating circumstance," instead of a "double homicide," as it was being called by the media a couple of days ago. (Speculating on the reason for the change in terminology, it probably has to do with the family's request for no trial, just the sentencing of Mark Hacking after a guilty plea. With no trial, the media circus won't be on the news for months, and the "right to life" implications will lose the power to influence public opinion.)

The second item of note was Shep's comment that the chopper company with helicopters flying over New York got their information about the helicopter terror alert like everyone else did, from the media. (That, to me, is totally strange. Why would Homeland Security not alert the chopper company before alerting the public, if the threat is real?)

Brit Hume, on the 30th anniversary of Nixon's resignation, provided a couple of lessons learned. 1) If you do something wrong, don't cover it up whatever you do. (I guess Clinton didn't learn that one.) 2) The media has the power, if they do their jobs right, to bring down the President of the United States. (How about if they do their jobs wrong - such as in the Clinton case? The constant media coverage almost worked again. All the media really has to do is focus on a story 24 hours a day month after month after month. It's repetition that does it, not being right.)

Hume cited another effect as the perception of the White House Press Corps as being the source of false stories. The atmosphere in the White House Briefing Room is adversarial, hostile and sometimes ridiculous.

Shep ended with an intro to the Cavuto program, and the speculation that the rise in oil prices to $45 is due to new terror threats in Iraq.