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Alan Keyes at High Speed

Reported by Deborah - August 9, 2004 -

Alan Colmes tried to do an interview with Alan Keyes tonight but Keyes was speeding down his own track, into a rhetorical neverland.
8/9/04 9:22PM ET Hannity&Colmes

Colmes opened the interview with a quote from Keyes attacking Hillary Clinton for running for office in New York, when it wasn't her state of residence, which is exactly what Keyes is doing in Illinois. Keyes responded with a bombastic flash of meaningless words, with a tone that oozed superiority, tinged with a little madness.
Colmes responded, "Republicans would call your response Clintonesque."
Then Keyes was off again creating this articulate smokescreen to mask his lack of real substance.

Hannity took his turn but he seemed unusually hesitant, asking Keyes what he thought of Barak Obama. Keyes was very unkind and dismissive of Obama which did not help his already faltering image.

It was not Alan Keyes finest moment and it sure didn't say much for the Republican's choice. I think they really blew it, this time.