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A Democrat Who Holds Her Own

Reported by Judy - August 9, 2004 -

All too often, the Democrats who appear on Fox News are unprepared or ineffective at getting their points across when going up against not only the Republicans being interviewed but also the Fox News questioners, who are nothing more than Republicans disguised as journalists. A Democrat on Fox News Live today (August 9), however, more than held her ground.

Susan Turnbull, national chair of the Women's Leadership Coference, was paired with Frank Fahrenkopf, former Republican National chairman. Republican front man Jon Scott led into the segment (9:41 a.m. EDT) by noting that George Bush is "ready to answer the Democrtic challenger," never mentioning John Kerry's name. Scott began with the oft-heard statement on Fox that there "is a lot of concern among Democrats" about the poll numbers for John Kerry after the DNC convention.

Turnbull did not take the bait to agree and said, no, there was no concern because "We always said this was a very polarized race" and Democrats didn't expect a large swing in the polls after the convention. She also was able to bring up some specifics about Kerry's record in the Senate whe Fahrenkopf trotted out the GOP talking point about Kerry's lack of accomplishments during his 18 years in the Senate -- work on MIA issue, Clinton's COPS program, and so on.

All in all, it was nice to see a Democrat who had done her homework.