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O'Reilly Practices Censorship

Reported by Melanie - August 8, 2004 -

Bill O'Reilly admitted practicing censorship last night (August 7, 2004) during his joint appearance with Paul Krugman on Tim Russert's CNBC show. Krugman brought up the fact that Fox News carried fewer hours of the Democratic National Convention than any other cable news outlet. Krugman went on to complain that Fox didn't carry any of Al Gore's speech, which he thought astonishing given that Al Gore was the man who got the most votes during the last presidential election.

O'Reilly responded to Krugman by saying that he'd received an advance copy of the Gore speech and decided not to run any of it because "there wasn't anything in there that wasn't partisan."

COMMENT: First of all, it's a speech before the DNC, O'Reilly. Of course it's partisan. Second, you don't mind if viewers hear GOP partisanship on Fox all day long, so why not throw in a little DNC partisianship for a change? Third, help us if Bill O'Reilly is the one deciding what Fox viewers get to see. Fourth, I presume this "journalistic standard" will apply to Fox's and O'Reilly's behavior during the RNC as well, and O'Reilly will ban coverage of "partisan" speeches then too. We'll be watching.

Here's an interesting article: Fox forgets convention in Democratic coverage By Victor Balta, of the Daily Herald, in Everett, Washington.