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O'Reilly 321 Sentences, Krugman 258

Reported by Melanie - August 8, 2004 -

As I watched Tim Russert's interview with Paul Krugman and Bill O'Reilly on his CNBC show Saturday evening (Augsut 7, 2004), it dawned on me that Bill O'Reilly was getting a lot more talk-time than Krugman. O'Reilly was his usual rude, bullying self and Tim Russert didn't moderate the discussion such that each man got as equal time as possible.

Sure enough, I came across an article in the Washington Post. They actually counted the number of sentences each man spoke, and lo and behold, O'Reilly got considerably more airtime than Krugman.

Here's a bit of what the article says:

During their give and take -- okay, maybe it's more accurate to say push and shove, or slap and smack -- O'Reilly would periodically accuse Krugman of not letting him get in a sentence, or words to that effect.

So we counted and, according to The Washington Post TV Team Transcript Tally, O'Reilly actually got in 321 sentences during the "debate," to Krugman's 258.

Read the entire article: On ABC, CBS and Fox, a Whole Lotta Cross-Pollination Going On.