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Ken Starr Talks About Clinton

Reported by Deborah - August 8, 2004 -

Cal Thomas interviewed Ken Starr, on After Hours and his composure' while discussing Clinton's book and the Whitewater investigation was frightening.
8/7/04 11:00 PM ET.

Cal Thomas asked Starr what he thought of Clinton's book. Starr commented on Clinton's difficult and humble beginnings praising his rise "to be 1st in his class." Starr described Clinton's life as a"human story" speaking in quiet measured words, he sounded almost complimentary.

Then Thomas brought up the various criticisms from Clinton in "My Life" concerning his role as prosecuter. Starr still not rattled, calming explained that prosecuters are often criticized but they are only doing their job.

Thomas upped the amps and inquired about Clinton's allegations that he was abusive to witnesses like Susan MacDougal, asking them to lie. Starr instead of denying or defending his actions said," I was waiting for the Attorney General's call to quit. I would not have filed an action" He went on to say that he recieved encouragement from Janet Reno and thought it was unwise of her to extend the investigation. Starr claimed that the investigation of Lewinsky was never about Clinton's private behavior but only about his perjury.

Any viewer unfamiliar with Ken Starr's ruthless investigation of Bill Clinton, would think that Ken Starr never wanted to be part of the Clinton witch hunt. If Janet Reno had fired him, he would have been relieved.He claimed it was Reno who extended the investigation, without his recommendation.He was just the victim of the Attorney General's call for his service to the country. A reasonable man forced to do such unpleasant work.

comment; I always suspected that Starr had unrelated issues with Clinton. The fact that they both went to Georgetown is revealing. Bill Clinton's success at such a competetive school must have been difficult for Starr to swallow. It's clear that Clinton was on schlorship there and probably worked throughout the four years. Starr's reference to "1st in the class' was interesting and maybe Starr's unusual animosity for Clinton can be traced becak to Georgetown.