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"Woman Power" Empowers Republicans

Reported by Deborah - August 6, 2004 -

I believe, that it was no accident that a negative segment about Teresa Heinz Kerry was followed with Dr. Laura Schlessinger plugging her new book, "Woman Power",which tells women how to find joy in life and marriage, by learning how to pamper their husbands. 8/4/04 Hannity&Colmes 9:51PM ET

Teresa Heinz Kerry, despite Fox's constant attacks, is admired, respected and considered a dynamic asset in this campaign. Her independant spirit is delightful and most people appreciated her "shove it" remark to an obnoxious reporter and her unscripted comeback to a republican heckler showed honesty and guts. Fox portrays Teresa as a spoiled, rich, petulant, shrew who would somehow disgrace the sanctity of the White House just like (shudder) Hillary Clinton.

Hannity opened the discussion gushing praise for the contribution made by Dr. Laura to so many women,claiming that the letters from happy wives were very moving .Dr. Laura explained that women must learn to please their husbands and cater to their needs. She acted as if this was a totally new theory that would change the face of marriage. She explained that women are selfish and if they would show their appreciation to their men, everyone would be happy. This was simplistic and her rant reminded me of talks from my Mother in the early 60's. Yet, Hannity and Pat Halpin were enthralled, hanging on every word, agreeing earnestly.

Then Dr. Laura said, " The feminists turned their movement into a vicious attack
on men" separating women from their sexuality, softness, and from raising their children. She even suggested that women should always be ready for sex saying
"he doesn't have a headache when you want to visit your Mother, does he?"Men
are suffering because their wives mistreat them.

Dr. Laura's remedy for unhappy women perfectly reflects the Republican Right's
reactionary attitude and unrealistic view of the American mainstream.Let's return to the purity of the past when women knew their place. Laura Bush is the ideal wife not Teresa Kerry. Independant women are destroying family values.

comment: I am grossly offended by Dr. Laura's destructive mind set but I understand that this disasterous attitude is popular among Bush's evangelical supporters.Hopefully, everyone else was as nauseated as I.