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Repeat of Terror Threats

Reported by Eleanor - August 6, 2004 -

To Our Readers: We apologize for the down time this morning. It was a technical glitch. Newshounds

On Fox & Friends (Aug.6, 7:00 a.m.) the news was a repeat of most of the terror threats from yesterday with a few updates thrown in.

A few choice comments are captured here:
- Recently, there was an "ominous" drop in terror chatter, similar to that before 9/11.
- Al Qaeda wants to hit the U.S. very soon.
- A quick remark was made about the terrorists wanting to "assassinate any congressman between August 2 - 10."
- An effort is underway to clear the "person of interest" in the anthrax investigation.
- Al Sadr wants peace.
- Mosque Bust - Pataki talked of convicting the Albany, NY prisoners under the Patriot Act.
- The Pakistani Ambassador was a target of the planned missile attack.
- In some passport pictures in Europe, you can't show your teeth because it throws off the biometrics.
- Doocy said, "Look miserable and help the War on Terror."
- The U.S. Subway fast-food organization takes no ownership of the images in the German Subway shops that show a hamburger crashed into the middle of some towers that conjure up images of 9/11.
- Techno-Terror expert, Morgan Wright, emphasized the need to focus on the human element to get at the information provided by the technology with a concentration on "link analysis" of common email addresses.
- The words "Cyber Jihad" were on the screen during a part of this segment.

Comment: There seemed to be very little new news since yesterday, so the old terror news was regurgitated and expanded slightly. Strangely, campaign politics were almost totally absent, with the exception of a passing review of Bush's schedule, and a comment about Kerry introducing his energy plan. I just heard a somber report at 10:00 on Fox that only 32,000 jobs were created in July, with an expectation of over 200,000. A stock market reaction is anticipated. Somehow, I have nothing to say about that.