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Now If Only He'd Talk To Hannity Like That

Reported by Ellen - August 6, 2004 -

I couldn't tell if it was one show or a pastiche of shows but the last hour of the 8/5-8/6 Fox News Live with Alan Colmes (a replay while the live Alan Colmes is on vacation) was filled with liberal fire on his part.

Tonight, Alan castigated (actually, "yelled at" would be more accurate) several callers over a variety of topics mostly related to George W. Bush. "Discussing" Bush's misguided invasion of Iraq, Colmes shouted (and I mean shouted) something to the effect of "I am getting even more outraged talking about it!" while I cowered in my chair.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have taken some heat lately from Mr. Colmes for not giving him enough credit as a true liberal voice on Fox. OK, I surrender! For tonight, anyway.