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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Reported by Judy - August 6, 2004 -

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy showed today (August 6) that he knows how to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear -- even a little sow. The little piggy we're talking about was today's job creation number.

The Labor Department today reported that only 32,000 jobs were created in July, far below the 215,000 jobs expected. On top of that, the number of jobs created in June was revised downward to 78,000.

Doocy interviewed (8:32 a.m. EDT) Gary B. Smith, a regular on Fox News' Bulls and Bears show, about what even Doocy admitted was the smallest jobs gain since December. Smith described the puny job output as "better than zero" and then said that although Bush and Kerry will interpret the number in different ways, there really was "no good number." With a low number, the stock market will worry that the recovery is faltering. With a high number, it will worry that the economy is recovering too fast and the fed might have to raise interest rates. And he said, next month the job-created figure could well be higher than expected.

Doocy alluded to Kerry's criticisms of jobs being lost under Bush and asked Smith how many jobs have been gained under Bush. Smith didn't know, so Doocy reminded everybody, "Over a million, isn't it?"

Thanks Stevie-O for that silk purse. The jobless can use it for panhandling.