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Job Numbers? Boring.

Reported by Melanie - August 6, 2004 -

It was interesting to hear how guest host Mike Jerrick worded his teasers in the lead up to introducing Fox financial reporter Stuart Varney today (August 6, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester. Varney was to appear to discuss the very weak job number released this morning by the Department of Labor. (See this New York Times article.)

Early in the show Jerrick said it was a "bittersweet day" for the president and that "some say" it's bad news for the president. Then later, before a break, Jerrick said Varney was coming up but it's "not gonna be boring," Varney will tell you (the viewer) what the numbers mean to you "in your home." But again, "it's going to be interesting!"

COMMENT: Translation: Economic numbers? They're boring! (More on what Varney had to say in a separate post.)