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The Conservatives Play While the Liberal's Away

Reported by Ellen - August 5, 2004 -

Filling in for Alan August 4/5 were the Fox and Friends Weekend crew. I missed the first two hours of the show but the last hour was a Dem-bash session about what's wrong with Democrat Barack Obama and what's right with his potential opponent for the Illinois Senate, Alan Keyes.

The guest for the hour was Dan Prop, identified only as a political consultant but clearly one for the GOP. Was there any Democratic guest? No. Here are some of the unfair and unbalanced comments:

The difference between Alan Keyes and Hillary Clinton moving to a state for the purpose of running for its senate seat: Alan Keyes was asked to run. Hillary Clinton planned her move in advance with an eye toward running (as per Prop).

Prop: "Barack Obama is on a pedestal."

Fox host Juliet Huddy said, "To some, he (Barack) comes off as Mr. Moderate but it's not the case."

That was followed by a discussion as to whether or not Obama is to the left of Teddy Kennedy. "Hard to imagine," said one of the hosts, with disbelief.

"Why is this guy so well liked?" I didn't catch who asked this.

Juliet Huddy: Do you think he can win or are WE (my emphasis) even trying to achieve that goal?

Hey, isn't this supposed to be a liberal radio show?