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Swift Boat Boys Go Under

Reported by Deborah - August 5, 2004 -

Van O'Dell,from Swift Boat Vets for Truth, joined Hannity and Susan Estrich to continue a discussion about the anti-Kerry ad that has caused a lot of buzz today. Even John McCain denounced it. 8/5/04 9PM ET

When I tuned in at 9:05, Susan Estrich was doing a very fine job getting O'Dell to clearly admit that he was not on Kerry's boat and the other men in the ad had not served directly with John Kerry. It was also revealed that most of the financial backing for the ad came from a huge Bush supporter from Texas. When Estrich asked O'Dell, if he would pull the ad if President Bush requested it, he said no emphatically claiming that this was not a politically motivated ad.

At 9:13, Jim Rassman, the man who was saved by Kerry, appeared and he was not happy because O'Dell had accused him of lying about the Kerry incident. Rassman, a former green beret, seemed like a no nonsense kind of guy. He was especially angry that this ad claimed the Navy had lied by authorizing Kerry's medals. "That was 35 years ago. The timing is suspicious."

When Hannity came back and started on his "Kerry the War Criminal" routine, Rassman looked like he had run out of patience. Hannity just kept rambling on and even added an extra crime tonight."I am concerned that he shot and killed a teenage viet cong."As the disjointed rant continued, Estrich and Rassman, waited silently for him to run out of steam, like people do when their aging relative, tells the same story for the hundredth time.